Peace Speaks


This is a simple,34 chapters and 259 pages only scratch the surface of life on Earth.  Peace intends to assist in bringing timely information until the end of the earth as we know it.  This is only the beginning. Virtual product.

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In the tender years of his childhood, a seven-year-old boy finds himself standing on the precipice of death, a moment that forever shapes his life's trajectory. It is within this surreal and ethereal space that he encounters his guardian Angel, Peace, setting in motion a profound and enduring connection. Across the span of seven decades, from innocence to the wisdom of old age, the boy-turned-man engages in a series of intimate dialogues with Peace. Each fragment of his life is meticulously explored and reflected upon, guided by the gentle wisdom of his celestial companion. Together, they navigate the joys and challenges of existence, unravelling a journey that mirrors the soul's introspection after death and offering a rare glimpse into a life interwoven with the divine. As Peace accompanies him on this transformative path, the man is bestowed with answers to profound questions that resonate with people across the globe. These revelations possess the potential to touch and inspire countless lives, providing a unique and illuminating perspective on our shared human experience. Furthermore, the narrative holds a promise of ongoing exploration, as Peace assures that this odyssey represents merely the beginning of a deeper and more expansive understanding. This heart-warming tale beautifully portrays the enduring bond between a mortal and his celestial guide, transcending the ordinary and leading to an extraordinary spiritual odyssey.


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