by Leanne J.

Overall, it is great. I love how it discusses spirituality, self-discovery, love, and the power of the mind. And also touches on topics like forgiveness, healing, relationships, and the interconnectedness of all beings. It reveals insights into the nature of reality, consciousness, and the journey of the soul and explores the transformative potential of embracing one’s purpose and preparing for a new Earth.

I love the conclusion with an invitation to embrace divine guidance and seek a higher vibration.

It really is a great book.


About The Book

Reflections of Peace


Peace speaks: in various ways, reflecting the diverse ways in which people, communities, and nations can find harmony, understanding, and cooperation. Here are some ways in which peace speaks:

Dialogue: Open and honest communication with Michael the author. As his life is reviewed by Peace for all to see.

Empathy: Peace speaks through empathy, which involves putting oneself in another’s shoes and truly understanding their feelings, perspectives, and experiences.

Tolerance: Accepting and respecting the differences among people—whether they are cultural, religious, or political—encourages peaceful coexistence.

Forgiveness: Letting go of past grievances and moving forward with a willingness to forgive can help create a more peaceful environment.

Education: Teaching the values of peace, tolerance, and conflict resolution to future generations can help shape a more harmonious society.

Diplomacy: Using diplomacy as a tool for conflict resolution and fostering international cooperation encourages peaceful relations among nations.

Human Rights: Ensuring that all individuals are treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their race, religion, or background, promotes a culture of peace.

Nonviolence: Adopting nonviolent means of protest and conflict resolution emphasizes the importance of peaceful solutions.

Art and Culture: Music, literature, and other forms of art can communicate messages of peace, unity, and understanding across cultures.

Environmental Stewardship: Recognizing that environmental degradation can contribute to conflict, taking care of the planet can also promote peace.

Peace speaks will continue a dialog through books, and communications, its actions, words, and attitudes that foster understanding, respect, and harmony among individuals, communities, and nations. It is a collective effort to create a more peaceful transition to the new earth, a just world, where violence is no longer a part of life. Peace shall prevail.

Why now?  The new earth is coming in the twinkling of an eye. Now is the time to make a major decision; where do you want to be when it comes?

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In the tender years of his childhood, a seven-year-old boy stands on the precipice of death, a moment that forever shapes his life’s trajectory.


Within this surreal and ethereal space, he encounters his guardian Angel, Peace, setting in motion a profound and enduring connection.


Across seven decades, from innocence to the wisdom of old age, the boy-turned-man engages in a series of intimate dialogues with Peace.


Each fragment of his life is meticulously explored and reflected upon, guided by the gentle wisdom of his celestial companion.


Together, they navigate the joys and challenges of existence, unraveling a journey that mirrors the soul’s introspection after death and offering a rare glimpse into a life interwoven with the divine.


As Peace accompanies him on this transformative path, the man is bestowed with answers to profound questions that resonate with people across the globe.


These revelations possess the potential to touch and inspire countless lives, providing a unique and illuminating perspective on our shared human experience.


Furthermore, the narrative promises ongoing exploration, as Peace assures that this odyssey represents the beginning of a deeper and more comprehensive understanding.


This heartwarming tale beautifully portrays the enduring bond between a mortal and his celestial guide, transcending the ordinary and leading to an extraordinary spiritual odyssey.









Step into a world of wonder where light and love have coexisted with those that reject the light and love who choose darkness.

Two earths shall emerge like a cell that divides itself in two. The new earth shall be of a higher vibration where the light and love without violence shall provide a new earthly experience for physical existence. The old earth shall proceed along the current lines of destruction and death.

Our freewill gives us the power to make a choice. Which world do you choose?

Join me on a journey to explore the human spirit and the higher realms of consciousness. Awaken your spiritual essence.

Earth is alive, it is conscious. It has chosen to divide itself in two. Both earths shall reside in the same space only of different vibrations. Neither will be conscious of the other.

Peace asked me to write this book and of course I agreed. It’s about sharing my experiences growing up with Peace as an advisor and protector in overcoming life challenges from fear and pain while moving into the light and love of the divine, to find inner peace, hope, and joy.


We will delve into the power of consciousness. Understanding all is energy and all energy is conscious.

By exploring these concepts, we can deepen our understanding of our spiritual guardians and our purpose in life. This transformative journey of self-discovery will help you uncover your authentic self, a creator being in the making.

The story flow told by the author, is reviewed in a Q&A format between Michael the author and Peace a guardian Angel to the universe to add context and depth to the experiences encountered. You will see:

at the beginning of each Q&A dialog

– – – (3 dashes) marking the biggening of the Q&A relating to the story above it.

At the ending of the Q&A you will see

= = = (3 equal signs) indicating the end of the Q&A for the story above.

I invite you to join me as I share my journey of growth and learning and spread the blessings that come from self-discovery.




34 Chapters and 259 pages only scratch the surface of life on Earth.  Peace intends to assist in bringing timely information until the end of the earth as we know it.  This is only the beginning.

Why now?


A New Earth

Brings a once in a soul eternity to be a witness


Free will on earth

Is not practiced universally – its a privilage of earth growth


Free will

Where do you want to go next?


Prior Lives

Seek completion before the next level. Where do you want to finish your education?



Is the spiritual path compass for each life on earth


Loss of soul memory

The price of admission to earth school


New Earth or here

Peace or war?


Happiness Feed Back Loop

Fills in for lost memories



All energy is conscious. Human beings are self-aware free  to explore all corners of creation on the wings of light and love or darkness.

About the author

At the venerable age of 77, the unveiling of “Peace Speaks Book One” represents the pinnacle of the author’s life’s journey— a testament to a life lived with passion, love, and meticulous documentation of every nuanced detail.

The task was accomplished without understanding the ‘why’ until the opportune moment arrived. This meticulous, sometimes perplexing journey was undertaken to present an authentic, relatable tale of a man who walked a path guided by an ethereal voice. A man who understood nothing at the outset yet learned invaluable lessons of faith, trust,  truth, light, and unconditional love.

It was a voyage that taught the power of the mind and the realization that fear and pain are constructs of our mental faculties. The urgency of these lessons cannot be overstated, for the world now stands on the precipice of monumental changes. Understanding these shifts is vital, as unchecked fear and pain can hinder the evolution of our spirit.

The author’s narrative employs the terms ‘spirit’ and ‘soul’ interchangeably, each encapsulating the essence of our eternal, divine self. As you navigate through “Peace Speaks,” may you find resonance, wisdom, and the courage to journey toward the energy of Light and love we are all made of.

Michael Canfield

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